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"Fantastic! And you got plenty of skulltulas, it should be more than enough for what we’re doing." We both look so great… For the circumstance I mean." This was coming from a woman in a torn and dirty dress whose long hair was tied into a frazzled mop. Some smeared make-up was placed around the eyes to make them appear devoid and exhausted. Abel helped by throwing and mashing some dirt onto her too. 

Not far behind Hortensia stood Abel and the five chu-chus that would act as last-resort traps. She nods in agreement, “yes, that tale sounds believable enough; with a career like that, injuries and take-overs are common. Being regular wives would nail-in how misinformed we were about these woods and the monsters.” Her arms cross before she adds: “I think we should engage them at the darker hours of the morning. They will likely have torches, a human device, which would explain why we’d approach them. It’s a notion though. What do you think?”

Keirin couldn’t help, but clap her hands in excitement.
"My dear that is so wonderfully brilliant, I could kiss you~! We should always cooperate on schemes."
The storyteller had a great appreciation for intelligence in any form, even the morally questionable kind.

"Well… I suppose there’s nothing left, but to get to it…" She gave a weak laugh, and began to head the expedition.
"You point out where we should place the traps, and I’ll have the skulltula get to it." The skulltula that followed behind her were already spinning ropes, leaving the finished string ready for use on their large ends.

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ask-viscen-and-ayaka The beast had snagged a bone from one of the stalfos in the meadow. The poor creature hobbled after the shiloe as she teased and taunted it. She meant no harm in this, only wanting to play. The stalfos hadn't seen it that way, hollering and snarling to the best of it's abilities; trying to get the attention of anyone that happened to be nearby.



The stalfos hobbled as quickly as it could, using its weapon as a makeshift crutch. The skeleton  waved what remained of its leg at the creature, while clacking its jaws angrily. The monster looked more like an old man trying to get a kid off his yard, than the usual undead soldier.

In the dark of the woods, glowing yellow eyes shown through. A wolfos appeared through the trees to assist his comrade. The wolfos lunged at the intruder-! Only to take hold of the other end of the bone.

Well, that explained it. The woman was probably working or seeking other visitors while the beast roamed around. “That makes sense. And don’t worry about it. I’ve kept myself entertained.” She grinned smugly saying that. The monsters often didn’t enjoy her presence and did best to avoid it. The only ones that would play with her were the skullchildren.

They liked her silly pranks.

They came to a clearing with a large stone circle embedded into the ground. The woman stopped and looked around. With a distant gaze and in a quiet voice, she said to herself, “Everyone seems to be busy…”

She turned back around to the creature, saying aloud, “I’m afraid the temple is a bit hectic at the moment, and I don’t want to get in the way. If it’s alright, I’d like to better know. I’ve seen lots of curious creatures, but never one like yourself.”

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cutie-toes ((Oh oh! I finally thought of an awkward question)) "Will you be the godparent to our, me and Nabooru's, child?"


"…CoMe AGaiN?"

"Will you be the godfather to our child?" she repeated as this was the most common of questions and there was totally nothing out of the ordinary. 

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Anonymous How many books must a man buy a girl before they may date and live happily ever after?



Got it? Good. 

Yup. Exactly this many.

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triforcemusou Link approaches the storyteller with an air of intrigue. He'd seen her around now in multiple places, yet had never seen her in Hyrule before that! He was kind of wondering what was up with this bizniz.



The hero’s approach could be spotted a mile away. What Hylian didn’t know the hero’s trademark? Keirin didn’t have a good record when it came to heroes. But what did she have to worry about? She was just your average-ish storyteller.


"Um… Yes? Can I help you?"


Link took pause before stroking his chin. …He’d never heard of this place. The territories of the Goron, Zora, Kokiri and Gerudo were all known to him, but he’d never been told Hyrule had annexed any other kingdoms.

Huh. You neither, huh Link?" Proxi murmured in reply to his confusion, before turning her focus back to Keirin. "Well, be that as it may, Hyrule’s not the safest place to be regularly traveling en masse.

The fairy circled the storyteller ponderously for a moment.

I certainly hope you don’t go crossing the different territories as unarmed as you are now?

"I’m afraid I do," replied the woman. Her eyes following the fairy’s movement "My profession means people welcoming me into their homes, or at least knowing they can relax around me. A weapon would deter that, so I don’t carry any."

The storyteller turned back to Link as she presumed it was partially his question too. “I do try to travel with others that might be traveling the same route. And sometimes walk with a staff, as that can be used for defense.”
Keirin tried to give a comforting smile. “…if that helps sway your concerns.”

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askteenagenavi There was a distressed yelp from somewhere in the temple, accompanied by a blue streak rushing here and there and everywhere. While the little pup might have thought the wolfos would be fun friends, apparently, they had other ideas.



The wolfos felt they had been harassed/killed enough by strange canine things. Though the pup had been little and defenseless, they felt it would be wiser to nip this in the bud.

Fortunately for the pup, its smaller size made it harder to catch. More fortunately, the yelping had brought the situation to the attention of the lady of the temple. As the two wolfos were ready to continue pursuing the blue pup, they were confronted by Keirin.
"You two should be ashamed of yourselves," she scolded. They whimpered and grumbled- they were usually praised for being ruthless.
"I’ll hear none of that!" She replied. Pointing back the way they came, "Return to your posts!"
The wolfos hung their heads down and began their trek. Keirin began looking around for the creature they had been chasing- whatever that blue blur was.

Navi let out a yelp as she was picked up, her little feet flailing in the air as she tried to run away. No! No no no she was in trouble now!!! The puppy whined and pressed her muzzle into the woman’s elbow. She breathed in her scent deeply; it was warm and friendly, nothing like the scary monster smells from before. 

Slowly, the puppy began to calm down, and her trembling began to cease. She kept her face pressed in the crook of Keirin’s arm, however, and pressed close against the woman.

"Sssh…. ssh~" Keirin cooed. She caressed the animal’s back. Gently letting her fingers slide against the soft fur. The color reminded her of Navi. Considering how often the grey faces tormented the fairy, it might not be too far a leap to assume that’s who the pup was.
"Hi there my dear. No one is going to harm you…" there was no one there except the pup, so it wouldn’t hurt to test the theory out. In a hushed tone, Keirin said, "…Navi?"

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Yer Kelpie’s Cute


"Murienn, my dumpling! What’s wrong?" Frightened that he’d hurt her, Mister Each snatched his hand away. "You.. don’t like this?"

"Don’t leave me alone. Please. I don’t want to be alone in an empty room," the kelpie whimpered. "There’s no birds, or frogs, or fish. It’s not right to only be me."
She wasn’t the best at conveying her fears. All Murienn knew was that it was a caged like feeling to be in a room void of life.

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Anonymous How many kids does Keirin HAVE at this point? (including "adopted friends") xD



//She has three.
Hibiki the Zora that actually is a child.
Navi the teenager, who asked and adopted-ness was confirmed.
Thalia, slightly unofficial as neither parties openly confirmed, but both characters feel this way so I count it.

Other than having children she’s read to calling her mom, that’s it at the moment. She’d ‘adopt’ more when it came down to it.
Her being motherly to Kale has been an on running joke. And she’d have ‘adopted’ angel, but Lestat and Airin got to her first.


also this thing

((Ah XD My apologizes. I didn’t realize the paperwork had gone through))

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thalia-and-lestat Thalia blinks, smiling down at the now happy baby, who was chewing on the 'teething ring'. "Well... Th-That seemed to w-work... I'll try the sh-sheets!" she goes for the door, "O-Oh, and Keirin? I'm excited t-to see your h-home."

Keirin smiled. “I’m glad you get to see it. There’s similarities with this realm, overall it’s much nicer. The only thing we had to worry about was Ganondorf taking over Hyrule-“

Wait a minute. That was her lord. And they were going back. “Uh oh. I think I’ve hit upon a moral conundrum…”

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thalia-and-lestat "W-Well, I'm leaving m-my furniture and stuff h-here, b-but I need all his st-stuff and my clothes and toiletries... O-Oh, and my journal..."

"You have sheets. They’re surprisingly good at makeshift bags." 
Keirin than began to wrap the blanket she had brought around and over Thalia’s shoulders. After a few more twists and a tight knot, she was done. Gently taking Kale from Thalia, Keirin put the babe in her mother’s baby carrier.